Calendar 2022 Ceremonies, retreats & training

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Calendar 2022



21-22 May:  start Heartdancing training (basics) with Tanja Faber, 5 weekends in total, Zaandam (€ 895 (Dutch)


CHANGE OF VENUE! 10-13 June: 4 day Voyahuasca with 2 ceremonies (Voyahuasca / truffles) with Renee Speijken, Gelderland (near Didam), € 395 (excl accomodation/food € 105)  

13-17 June: 5 day Sacred Women retreat, Inner Motherhood special led by Tanja Faber, with 2 ceremonies (truffles & mother plant), with breathwork, heartdancing, rituals, meditation and yoga, Havelte, Holland, € 795 (including accommodation/food)


8-11 July: Magical Child 4 day retreat with 2 ceremonies (mother plant and truffles) led by Tanja Faber & Thijs Maassen, € 645, Havelte (including accommodation/food, bedding for rent € 15). 

12-15 July: 4 day Sacred Lotus Intimate Couples Retreat led by Tanja Faber, including mother plant ceremony, cacao ceremony, Sacred Breath (2 sessions), massage and more. Investment for this quality time retreat is € 1.450 per couple.  The Netherlands, Brummen.  Accommodation/food  € 775 per couple. Staying overnight in private room. Hottub and sauna optional. Contact for info and registration. There is only space for 4 couples ( 1 spot for couples available) 


1-7 August: 6 day Summer retreat Living the Life of your dreams! Holland , 3 ceremonies (2 Voyahuasca, 1 cactus), breathwork, Soul Retrieval, fire walk and much more € 625 (excluding accommodation/food € 325; staying overnight in dorm bedrooms, limited spots for your own tent, only in contact, 2 person bedroom at extra costs)


8-11 September: 4 day retreat with 2 mother plant ceremonies, Drenthe, Holland, € 645 (incl accomodation/food)

15-18 September: 4 day Voyahuasca retreat with 2 ceremonies, Drenthe, € 645 (incl accomodation/ catering)

24-28 September: 4 day Portugal retreat with 2 mother plant ceremonies, Faro, € 775 (incl accommodation 4 nights/food)


4-9 October: 6 day Soul Coach training module III  include shadow breathwork, timeline, music, facilitating retreats and ceremonies, integrity code, led by Tanja Faber Faber, Holland, € 1.395 (including accommodation in 2 person rooms, food) limited spots (FULL, waiting list)

NEW: 21-24 October: 3,5 day Kundalini retreat with ceremony mother plant led by Tanja Faber-Baetsen, Havelte, Holland, € 525 (incl accommodation/ catering)


12-16 November: 5 day Rebirth of the Soul with Tanja Faber, Soul Retrievals, breathwork, two mother plant ceremonies and more, The Netherlands, Drenthe (new venue), € 795 incl  accommodation/food 


9-12 December: 4 day retreat with 2 mother plant ceremonies, Havelte, € 645 (including accommodation/food)

Calendar 2023

Scroll down for calendar Soul Coach international training modules I, II and III in 2023. 


Calendar 2023



14-22 March: 9 day Soul Coach internationl training module I led by Tanja Faber, founder of the Sacred Voyage, guest teacher Lars Faber. Topics Sacred Breathwork (2 sessions), Core Wound (attachement, 2 sessions), 4 plant ceremonies, process of brewing. Investment € 2.295 including accommodation (2 person bedrooms)/organic (vegan) food  and study material, Holland, Gelderland  (limited spots)


12-18 May: 6 day Soul Coach international training, module II led by Tanja Faber, founder of the Sacred Voyage, guest teacher Lars Faber. Topics Sacred Language of the Heart breathwork (negative beliefs), Soul Retrievals, meditation Light of Compassion /inner child, 2 plant ceremonies. Investment € 1.595 (including accommodation/ organic food and study material), Holland, Drenthe


14-19 November: 6 day Soul Coach international training module III led by Tanja Faber, founder of the Sacred Voyage. Topics Time line/ Biography, shadowwork (ceremonies/breathwork), music in ceremonies, logistics/conditions organizing a retreat/ceremony, integrity code & consent in touch, 2 plant ceremonies. Investment € 1.595 (including accommodation/organic food, study material), Holland, Drenthe