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Calendar 2022

Ceremony, retreat & training

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Calendar 2022






28-31 January: 4 day retreat Magical Child with 2 ceremonies (one psilocybine, one mother plant), led by Tanja Faber, Havelte, Holland, € 625 (including accommodation/food), Full, waiting list




19 February: Sacred Breath workshop with Tanja Faber (2 sessions of 2 hours), Zaandam, Holland (€ 95), FULL, waiting list





11-13 March: 2,5 day Voyahuasca retreat with 1 ceremony, Holland (1 hour from Amsterdam), € 285 (excluding accommodation € 70)



14-18 March: 5 day Core Wound retreat with 2 ceremonies (mother plant) led by Tanja Faber, Havelte, Holland, € 795 (max 18 participants), FULL, waiting list





22-25 April: 4 day Voyahuasca retreat with 2 ceremonies, with Sijtje Jansen, Havelte, Holland, € 625 (including accommodation/food)



26 April -1 May: 6 day Soul Coach training module II led by founders Lars & Tanja Faber, with Soul Retrievals, Sacred Language of the Heart breathwork, Light of Compassion and two ceremonies, Holland, € 1.395 (including accommodation/food), a few spots available




13-17 June: 5 day Sacred Women retreat, Inner Motherhood special led by Tanja Faber, with 2 ceremonies (psilocybine & mother plant), with breathwork, heartdancing, rituals, meditation and yoga, Havelte, Holland, € 795 (including accommodation/food)






11-15 July: 5 day Soul Coach training module Heartdancing, breathwork & 1 mother plant ceremony with Tanja Faber, learning the skills of facilitating Heartdancing and experiencing and guiding Breathwork, Holland (Brummen), € 1.195 (all in, limited spots)





1-7 August: 6 day Summer retreat Living the Life of your dreams! Holland (1 hour from Amsterdam), 3 ceremonies, breathwork, Soul Retrieval, fire walk and much more € 645 (excluding accommodation/food; camping/food € 165, dorm/food € 185)





8-11 September: 4 day retreat with 2 mother plant ceremonies with Rob Hulscher, Drenthe, Holland, € 645 (incl accomodation/food)


15-18 September: 4 day Voyahuasca retreat with 2 ceremonies with Judith van den Heuvel, Noord Holland, € 375 (excl accomodation/catering € 95)





4-9 October: 6 day Soul Coach training module III with shadow breathwork, timeline, music, facilitating retreats and ceremonies, led by Tanja Faber & Lars Faber, Holland, € 1.350 (all in)





12-16 November: 5 day Rebirth of the Soul with Tanja Faber, Soul Retrievals, breathwork, two mother plant ceremonies and more, Noord Holland, € 795 (incl accommodation)







Magical Child retreats & 

Voyahuasca retreats

(The Netherlands, 2021)












6 day retreat Living the Life 

of your dreams

(Summer, The Netherlands 2021)



Soul Coach trainings 

module I, II & III

(Portugal 2021)







 Rebirth of the Soul retreat

(Portugal 2021)