Intake form

Intake form 




To guarantee the safety of our participants we need to know about their health. 


Please complete the intake form by following this link





Voyahuasca Agreement

Voyahuasca Agreement  


Please print, read and sign in advance the Voyahuasca agreement and hand it over to one of our facilitators on the first day of the Voyahuasca retreat.






Agreement download below:



MAO inhibitors

MAO inhibitor




Many medication cannot be combined with the MAO-inhibitor in Voyahuasca. Read the MAO-inhibitor carefully so you know what 'MAO-inhibitor' means and when it can be danguerous to have Voyahuasca. 



MAO Inhibitor information

download below:


Feedback form


After every retreat or training at the Sacred Voyage we are curious how you have experienced our way of working, what you have experienced yourself in the Voyages and deep inner work workshops. We ask for feedback for 15 years already to be able to improve where ever possible, as an organization but also as guides and trainers. So we really appreciate if you would take some time to fill in the form. So we can keep improving our work and offer all the ones still to come even better support and guiding!


Thank you for your time! 


You can fill in the form here


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