Sacred Lotus for Women retreats

Sacred Lotus, Women only retreat: Womb Healing & Kundalini Rising, 4 day retreat September 2023

This international retreat is all about our womb and kundalini energy. Both contain our primal
and creative power. Literally making life possible, but so much more than that. A retreat with healing, discoveries,
creation, coming to life and relaxation.

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Content and program

In this retreat an exclusive program in which you can discover your own creative power, without having
to work hard. Being in the field of women's energy, which means slowing down and sinking into your own body.
And from there to discover what can be released, what can be created, how you can heal and what you literally makes you come to life.

This program includes Heartdancing®, Kundalini Touch, a cacao ceremony, shakti yoga, breathwork (2x),  13th rite the passage (womb healing), sauna, mandala drawing and much more gifts to your heart & body.

Four days in which you can relax and surrender, supportedby an experienced team of women. You are welcome to participate. You don't need anything, everything is welcome.


The retreat is led by Tanja Faber-Baetsen,co founder of The Sacred Voyage in 2005  together with her partner Lars Faber, and founder of Sacred Lotus in January 2022.
Already 18 years of experience in working with groups and inner child processes, breathwork and creating a safe setting where you are welcome the way you are and with all there is.


Arrival September 14, 2023 between 2:00 PM and 3:00 PM
Start program: September 14 at 3:30 PM; end on September 17 around 3:00 PM
Price for 4 days: € 695 including accommodation and vegetarian/vegan meals (so no fasting ;-)).


Meeuwenveen in Havelte


  • Deposit € 250 so that your place is assured.
  • No refund of down payment. Refund of the remaining payment possible up to 4 weeks before the start. If you cancel up to two weeks in advance, you'll get 50% refund of the remaining fee.
  • Within 2 weeks before the start, no refund is possible.
  • Info and register at

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