Soul Coach Training (I)



9 Day international Ayahuasca Soul Coach Training (basic level) in which the basic methods will be taught necessary to be able to facilitate a safe environment for participants who can dive into transformational and healing personal processes.


Teachings by Lars & Tanja Faber (the founders of the The Sacred Voyage), learning how to facilitate Core Wound, Sacred Breath (holotropic breathwork) as well experiencing it your self. You will have teaching(s) in how to brew Ayahuasca.

You will participate in two Ayahuasca ceremonies and also learn how to guide in two other Ayahuasca ceremonies. In the program also sharings and Heartdancing workshops.
We close the training with a day of integration and a delicious buffet.


For whom


People who want to know more about guiding in a safe setting to be able to support participants in personal processes; for those with there own practice; people who would like to work with the medicin plant; for those interested in guiding at the Sacred Voyage.



When, where

Date: 6-15 February 2020

6 February (arrival 15:00-18:00) - 15 February 2020 (check out after breakfast)

Location: South West of Portugal (beautiful quiet venue in nature near the ocean/ocean view), airport Faro

Price: € 1.995 including workshops/trainings, teachings, Ayahuasca ceremonies (2 guiding, 2 participant), accomodation and biological food (partly fasting/special diet for ceremonies)

Accommodation: staying overnight at 2-6 persons (luxueus) rooms with magnificent view. Most rooms have their own toilet/shower. 2 person bedrooms for couples.


Your spot is reserved after we have received your down payment within 4 weeks after registration (€ 250). No refund of down payment.
The remaining fee needs to be paid before 31 December 2019.


Language: English


We will ask you to fill in an intake form in advance and be aware of the contra indications using Ayahuasca before signing up for this training.



Registration / contact


Are you interested please contact us at The training is facilitated in English. 


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Wow. This 9 days retreat has been the most healing days in my whole life. I have been in many trainings over the past years, but this one was over the top. It was AMAZING, and I want the whole world to know about this. 
The whole setting was just amazing and by that I mean the place, the guides, the facilitators, the brewer, the participants, the weather, the atmosphere and the medicine. And by medicine I do not just mean Ayahuasca, which was amazing but I also mean the "medicine" which is inside us and around us: the breath and the way our body responds to the oxygen, and the way our body releases old stuck energy from and with the oxygen and Ayahuasca. This is just an amazing teamwork from the nature which we all are Emoji
The training was very intense. I liked the fact that we had a double role in each part of the program. We were able to guide others in all the methods but also we were able to undergo each technique ourselves. This really helps to fully understand everything. What I have gained with it is for sure how to help others. It doesn't feel like re-inventing the wheel, we just apply the proven techniques and work further on that. 

I was VERY impressed with the variety of exercises and workshops we did to confront the tendency to feel exposed and vulnerable. The different things we did as a group and individually was challenging at times but incredibly revealing of my tendencies and also how far I have come with myself in all my healing/Ayu work. I will use some of these exercises with my own clients!




It was amazing – thank you. I saw on my voyage that my life is now in 2 distinct parts – my life before this training and my life afterwards.



The training was a wonderful experience overall and I learned a lot about the work of guiding. I learned that you have to be very aware of your own process, as you are likely to be triggered by all sorts of things that the travellers and even the other guides might do. You have to be able to look after yourself and hold clear boundaries and whenever an impulse arises to make contact with a voyager you have to always check whose benefit it is for (this is a fundamental guideline that Tanja emphasised, for good reason). You have to connect with your intuition and be prepared to get it 'wrong', which you inevitably will at times.






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