Our location is situated near Schiphol/ Amsterdam Airport. It is spacious and very cosy. In this venue we facilitate our Dutch year training and most of our healingweekends, workshops and ceremonies. Despite the former and old look of a factory (which it was before) the building feels from inside very warm, friendly and open. As soon as you enter most people feel at home right away. 


Address: Sacred Temple, Oostzijde 355, 1508 EP Zaandam 

5-7 minute walk from trainstation Zaandam Kogerveld





Here you can find all the information you need if you have registered or want to register for a retreat or weekend with us in Zaandam. Information about preparation, what to bring, timeschedule, staying overnight, prices, forms to fill in etc.  


It is important to read this information in time, preferable at least one week in advance of a retreat, so you can prepare best. 



Kind of international retraites/weekends in Zaandam:


- 3 day Rebirth of the Soul retreat (without medicine plant)

- Voyahuasca Magical Child Special (1 ceremony)

- International Voyahuasca retreat (2 ceremonies)


Scroll down for preparations information!


In the texts below you'll find per retreat all the information you need to prepare.  


If you still have questions, please check our FAQ first!  

Rebirth of the Soul retreat - without  medicine plant

with Lars & Tanja Faber 


This international 3 days retreat 'Rebirth of the Soul' will bring you back to the deepest wounds experienced in life. Lars Faber developed several methods to dive deep in the Soul. The body has all the answers and they can be revealed without medicine plants. By shining light on the deep hidden wounds, past the defenders, the healing starts.


"The Wound is the Place where the Light enters", Rumi

Check this movie we made on the work we do without medicine plants:


Rebirth of the Soul


Preparations for the retreat

Rebirth of the Soul can be found

in the download document.

Writing an autobiography

is part of the preparations. Please start in time (weeks before the retreat because you probably need to ask familymembers about memories).



Download preparations below: 


Intake form 

Rebirth of the Soul


To guarantee the safety of our participants

we need to know about your health. 

Please return the completed intake to us

when you have registered for this retreat. 






Download intake form below: 




Voyahuasca Magical Child retreat (with 1 ceremony)


International Voyahuasca retreats 'Magical Child' with 1 ceremony starts on Friday afternoon with sharing and Heartdancing. Saturday starts with Breathwork as a preparation for the Voyahuasca ceremony. Afterwards there is mandala drawing to create your memory of your Sacred Voyage. 

Sunday is an integrational day with sharing and a final Heartdancing. 


For form scroll down.


In the document below you find the preparations for the Magical Child retreats:






 Zaandam, Voyahuasca retreat (with 2 ceremonies)



International Voyahuasca retreats in Zaandam with 2 ceremonies start at Thursday evening with soup and sharing.

On Friday we will be meeting each other on a deeper level with Heartdancing and create a safe setting for the first ceremony. The breathwork on Saturday is a preparation for the second ceremony.

Sunday is an integrational day with sharing and a final Heartdancing. 


For forms scroll down.


In the document below you find the preparations for this retreat:



Intake form 




To guarantee the safety of our participants we need to know about their health. 


Please complete the intake form if you register for a Voyahuasca retreat. 



Voyahuasca intake form

download below:



Voyahuasca Agreement  


Please print, read and sign in advance the Voyahuasca agreement and hand it over to one of our facilitators on the first day of the Voyahuasca retreat.






Agreement download below:




MAO inhibitor




Many medication cannot be combined with the MAO-inhibitor in Voyahuasca. Read the MAO-inhibitor carefully so you know what 'MAO-inhibitor' means and when it can be danguerous to have Voyahuasca. 



MAO Inhibitor information

download below: