Voyahuasca vs Ay ahu asca

Since Summer 2019 we work at the Sacred Voyage with a new plantmedicine combination: Voyahuasca. It combines the best of two worlds: the vine Banisteriopsis Caapi (first ingredient of Ayahuasca) and psilocybine (truffles) and is 100 % legal. The voyage of the combination of mao-inhibitor and psilocybine lasts about 5-10 hours. A psilocybine voyage lasts only 4-6 hours. So the mao-inhibitor makes the voyages last longer and makes it deeper. It's a magical combination reconnecting you again with your magical child and creativity. And of course also you feel bodily sensations and releases of emotions and blockages. It is experienced by a lot of our voyagers as equal intense as Ayahuasca. 


Compared to Ay ahu asca no diarrhea

The music in these retreats will be partly different from our Ay ahu asca retreats. The music is magical, deep and with dreamstate tunes. Lars has searched for thousands of hours to the right music for these cereremonies. And it will take you smooth and deep into your voyage.

In the short film we have made, we captured also experiences of the first voyagers with Voyahuasca. So see for yourself!

Our ceremonial leaders will facilitate these retreats. Check our calendar for dates.

Nature Healing ceremonies and retreats with The Sacred Voyage

Since 2005  we work at the Sacred Voyage succesfully in our practice with different healing plants. Voyahuasca, truffels, Grand Father and the mother. 

Voyahuasca: what can you expect?

Voyahuasca exists from the jungle vine (Banesteriopsis Caapi), the most important ingredient from Ay ahu asca. This plant works as MAO inhibitor and opens the body. In the Amazone this process is seen as the most important part of the healing properties of the plant. We work with Caapi and Syrian Rue (Peganum Harmala).

In a Sacred Voyage we use as a second component the magical truffess (also called ninõs sanctos). Another beautiful and powerful substance. Together with the Caapi or Syrian Rue we make the right setting for deep profound Voyages guided safely by our experienced ceremonial leaders and guides.

The effects of the drink can be incredibly intense - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Users often experience an energetic cleansing and working through and resolving of traumatic experiences. People also often discover their own place in the world.

Set and setting

The right mindset (expectation, intention, motivation, state of mind) and setting (circumstances in which Voyahuasca is drunk, guidance, ritual, music, and so on) largely determine the outcome of your experience. The Sacred Voyage provides a safe setting for your journey inwards. You can read extensively about set and setting in the free-to-download book, The Sacred Voyage. We ask you to read this book in preparation for a weekend and/or ceremony with us.

For whom?

A nature healing ceremony is particularly effective for people who have already undergone a degree of personal development of their lives. People who are prepared to come face to face with both their light and shadow sides. Experience with, among other things, bodywork, meditation, mindfulness, focusing and other techniques in which attention is directed towards the inner processes for a long period is almost a condition to truly benefit from the plant medicine experience. In our practice’s approach and methodology, we additionally emphasise being able to focus on physical sensations, combined with shamanistic techniques. Additionally, it is desirable for you to “carry” your own process, and to be friendly and respect towards your own feelings and those of others.

An open mind, the capacity to keep your attention on your inner world for a prolonged period, a loving attitude towards yourself and others, and the need for a deep experience with the potential to transform are a few of the characteristics that people participating in our sessions share.


Prepare for the ceremony with the free e-book, The Sacred Voyage 

The book, The Sacred Voyage, is about rediscovering your own essence, but also how to deal with entheogenic substances in an inspired and beneficial manner. You can download The Sacred Voyage book for free.

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The book The Sacred Voyage is translated in German and French as well. 

About Voyahuasca


Contra indications for the use of Voyahuasca

The use of Voyahuasca cannot be combined with various forms of medication. Medicines such as antidepressants, beta blockers and blood-pressure reducers are contra indications, because Voyahuasca contains a MAO inhibitor that does not combine with these medicines. When in doubt, we always ask you to consult your attending physician. Psychiatric indications, such as borderline, schizophrenia and (a disposition towards) psychosis are also contra indications. People being treated (not of their own initiative) by a psychologist or psychiatrist must first discuss their desire to participate in an Voyahuasca ceremony with their attending psychologist or psychiatrist and provide a written statement of advice prior to participating in a ceremony.

Medical indications, such as heart disease and high blood pressure, are contra indications for the use of Voyahuasca.

Pregnancy and lactation are also contra indications for the use of Voyahuasca.

What is Voyahuasca? Experiences of Voyagers...

In this film from Summer 2019 we explain what Voyahuasca is & what the experiences were from Voyagers. Our ceremonial leaders facilitate these magical retreats.