Ayahuasca Soul Coach Training, Portugal

Ayahuasca Soul Coach Training, Portugal

For the second time we organize our 9 day Ayahuasca Soul Coach Training (module I) in Portugal next February 2020. In this training you learn how to guide and facilitate others in their inner processes in a safe and loving setting.


This training is for those who would like to be a guide at our organization or would like to learn more about our methodes in inner child / inner work for their own organization, for those who would like to facilitate ceremonies themselves and/or for those who just want to dive in deep again in their inner world and learning more about guiding.


In a beautiful venue in Portugal (South West Coast, Algarve) with ocean view you will be taught personally by Lars & Tanja Faber, founders of the Sacred Voyage.


If you already have attended module I there will be a module II in October 2020 (see our calendar).


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Since this Summer 2019 we work with a new plant medicin combination: Voyahuasca. Already 50 participants have experienced this beautiful smooth and deep Voyage during our highlight of the year, our 7 day retreat. In our film we explain what Voyahuasca is and you can hear participants share their experience. 


Lars & Tanja Faber will facilitate these new retreats Voyahuasca - Magical Child, the first one in November in Holland! Click on the picture below to watch the film.






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