EXTRA Voyahuasca retreat July

Because a lot of people would like to have a Voyahuasca experience in Summer we decided to organize an extra retreat. It is in a beautiful small venue in an isolated area and a maximim of 10 participants can join. The venue has a big garden and lots of space around the venue. 

Overnight stay on 1 or 2 person bedrooms (depending on availability). 


Do you want to experience something special and magical with your friend or partner? Check out the information and register here.


Date 9-11 July in Zutphen, Holland



Since this Summer 2019 we work with a new plant medicin combination: Voyahuasca. Already 50 participants have experienced this beautiful smooth and deep Voyage during our highlight of the year, our 7 day retreat. In our film we explain what Voyahuasca is and you can hear participants share their experience. 


Lars & Tanja Faber will facilitate these new retreats Voyahuasca - Magical Child, the first one in November in Holland! Click on the picture below to watch the film.






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