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Founded by Lars and Tanja Faber in 2005, in the meantime, we have grown into a large organisation with a team of 67 guides and 6 ceremonial leaders. All of them experienced and beautiful people with a warm, open heart and wide-ranging capacities in the field of personal development and spirituality.

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We work with a team

of experienced and dedicated

guides, ensuring a safe

environment and loving

support during your voyage & processes.



Tanja Faber-Baetsen


Founder, trainer &

ceremonial leader

Loving, Warm & Dedicated


Together with Lars, Tanja founded The Sacred Voyage and its setting. Most of her time is spent caring for their two boys, facilitating international retreats and trainings in Holland & Portugal, leader of The Sacred Voyage team and organisation. Dancing is her passion, which she teaches in retreats. Tanja is university educated and has been taking part in workshops in the field of personal development for years. These include: Focusing, Intuitive Development, Voice Dialogue, EFT, Queen’s Code, Tantra, different forms of breathwork, Sacred Breath, Wheel of Consent, Heart Connection, Full body dearmouring and Dance. Many voyagers consider Tanja to be very loving, authentic, genuinely engaged and highly experienced.

(more info see at Soul Coach training)

Lars website

Lars Faber


Founder, trainer & coach 


Experienced, Sensitive & Wise



Lars is the pioneer and founder of The Sacred Voyage. Musician and music lover in heart and soul. Incredibly experienced voyager in all possible states of consciousness, and therefore, a reliable and experienced guide in light and dark dimensions alike. Lars is both mentally and emotionally clearly and acutely empathic. Educated in human resource management and as Voice Dialogue facilitator. Broad personal development through numerous trainings and workshops. Many voyagers experience Lars as a teacher, guide and rock, who has supported many people and assisted them in embarking on new paths in their lives. He is currently busy writing and creating a new book, founding a new breathwork company and creating new (online) productions of music and teachings.

(more info see at Soul Coach training)



Joannie van Rijswijk





Sensitive & Pure


Joannie has a unique gift: she is highly sensitive, enabling her to tune into what moves people and animals exceptionally well. She is also able to pass on energy through her healing hands, something which has helped many voyagers heal painful parts and chapters in themselves. Joannie also transmits Deeksha - high-frequency energy, which participants experience as peace, harmony and love - through her hands. In addition, she works with horses and is trained in systemic work (family compositions). She works as a coach and trainer in the corporate world. Her work is aimed at raising the consciousness of individuals throughout all layers of the organisation. Voyagers experience her as warm, loving and genuinely involved. Part of our Sacred Voyage tribe since 2012.



Judith van den Heuvel


Ceremonial leader


Playful & Strong

Incredibly grateful for the gifts given to her by Ayahuasca and Iboga, Judith puts her heart and soul into guiding other people in the awakening process of discovering their true essence. She felt very unsafe and unwelcome in her youth, in part, due to experiences of sexual abuse and emotional neglect. Following her intense search for herself and truth, going through everything and facing her demons, she is capable of guiding people in their deepest processes. Her experience is that everything - both the light and the dark - has the right to exist, and that there is tremendous lightness and humour in the core of everything. Her playful energy loves contributing to this. Thanks to her sensitivity, loving heart and healing hands, she is able to intuitively sense where someone is and what that person needs. Voyagers give the feedback that they feel extraordinarily seen and heard by her, and that she is a rock to lean on during their voyage. Her love for dancing, singing, sounds, rituals, nature, children and animals give her tremendous inspiration and vitality. Since 2012 part of the Sacred Voyage tribe.



  Rob Hulscher




Ceremonial leader

Loving & Strong

From the moment this beautiful man set foot on our premises, we were enamoured by this big man with his huge heart. Rob has done all kinds of meditation and healing courses, but that isn’t what makes him an amazing guide. He exudes a deep calmness and love that instantly makes any voyager feel safe. He once had a heart defect that was healed, and made place for a life lived from the heart.

Part of the Sacred Voyage tribe since 2010.



Nely website

Nely van der Stelt


Ceremonial leader

Mother, Gentle & Strength


Nely has 60 years of life experience,a diversity of education and courses all focused on the growth of inner man. She is very moved to support her fellow man on the life path. In mother ayahuasca she honors an unsurpassed saintly teacher who gives insights and healing on holistic level. By the rearch for her own deepest being comes more and more space for inner wisdom and a silent strength. There is a strong knowing. She can often hear beyond the spoken words and understands in this way the soul of the other. For most voyagers it's natural to experience trust and safety with her. This mother who with healing, soft and loving support often can hit the sensitive string. 

Sijtje website

Sijtje Jansen


Ceremonial leader


Sensitive & Joyful


Since her first experience with Ayahuasca 6 years ago, Sijtje has taken a journey towards being true to herself and enjoying life. Thanks to this she takes all the freedoms she has acquired with her in her work and in the ceremonies. This is reflected in her warm and careful guidance, enriched with sensitivity and playfulness.
She has a background in creative therapy and coaching with horses and also provides personal guidance. Her passions are dancing, making theater and everything to do with animals and nature. For Sijtje, working with medicine plants strengthens the connection between humans, animals and nature and teaches her to live peacefully with herself and the world around her. She lives in a beautiful quiet place in nature. Sijtje guides group ceremonies and one on one sessions at the Sacred Voyage. 



Reneé Grooters



Joyful & Sweet

Renée is a versatile, entrepreneurial woman with a warm heart for all things living. She has travelled all over the world, gained tremendous life experience in a turbulent life, and discovered that you do not need to cross borders to discover inner space. Nonetheless, she packed her bags in 2013 to live and work with the Shipibo for a few months. Since then, she has been organising Ayahuasca trips to Peru to stay with the Shipibo twice a year. In the Netherlands, Renée is devoted to children by bringing consciousness to education. Renée has been exploring psychology and classical astrology for more than 25 years. As a guide, people experience her as a silent, loving force. She gets her inspiration from nature, which she can often be found exploring for hours with her dog. Part of our Sacred Voyage tribe since 2010.

Renee Sp website foto

Renée Speijken


Ceremonial leader and guide


Loving, autentic & intuive


Renée guides and leads ceremonies from her heart, soul and body. From a deep connection with herself, Renée facilitates and inspires participants in rediscovering and expressing their individuality and soul wisdom. That was and is her own "sacred" journey in which the beauty, magic and supportive power of plant medicines play an important role. Through her loving attention, unconditional connection with every participant, but also with playfulness and spontaneity, Renée creates, together with the team, a safe, loving environment in which everyone can be themselves completely. Renée's heart opens in connection with nature, with people and animals, in the discovery of new worlds inside and out, in the surrender to conscious movement / dance and music! Travelers feel seen and heard by her. As a body-oriented coach, energetic therapist and trainer, she has extensive experience with individuals and groups in holistic awareness and change processes.


Tanja K

Tanja Koch



Present & Grounded



Tanja has always been searching, not knowing what she was searching for. She knows the emotional pains life can hold. She’s always felt different and she’s no stranger to feelings of loneliness and not being at home in this world.

 After studying and 15 years in business she realized that this way of life doesn’t fulfill her. She quit her job and headed off on her quest for truth and herself, aiming to follow her heart, not knowing where it would lead her to. Numerous trainings on personal and spiritual growth followed and her search for her life’s purpose even led her to travel to India to find answers in the palm leaf libraries.

 After getting in touch with Ayahuasca, her personal and spiritual growth accelerated. She left Germany, feeling called to the Netherlands and The Sacred Voyage. Here, she experiences to be part of something bigger than herself. In being able to make a difference and touch other people’s lives she finds a sense of purpose.

 Others experience Tanja as a highly empathic, caring, sensitive, humorous and laid-back person, soft and gentle yet powerful. With her clear intuition she often doesn’t need words. She’s holding space without interfering and it’s easy to feel comfortable and safe around her.



 Mona website 

Mona van Gemert



Intuitive, pure and open



Mona can be described as a woman with an open mind and open heart in search of her truth. She combines softness with strength, clarity with warm commitment and sensitivity with determination. Mona has been looking for who she is for a long time and has seen through and released many survival strategies in that search. Through this life experience, she is able to understand and help many people with similar themes to face their fears. Her encouragement and reflection help many travelers to take it a step deeper.

She is trained as a mindfulness trainer and (breath) coach and has years of experience with consciousness training, Being orientation and tantra. Her heart lies in guiding people who want to grow spiritually and get to know themselves deeply. You could call her a spiritual life coach. Travelers feel really seen by her and experience her as a radiant wise angel. She feels born to do this fulfilling and rewarding work.

Petra website


Petra van Bekkum


Big Heart & Dedicated


The first Voyages with The Sacred Voyage was during the Summer retreat of 2017. After this retreat she became aware of beautiful insights of life. Twenty years ago she started her training in natural health and nutrition to heal her physical body and became a cook and therapist. This led automatically to her desire to explore the spiritual depths of life. 
After the year’s training 'The Rebirth of the Soul’ of The Sacred Voyage she felt definitely reborn and enjoys life more than ever. Being able to play in life, allowing herself to make mistakes and to be compassionate towards herself and people have seen the light. 
Petra takes care of the international communication together with the mail team of The Sacred Voyage. She also is a loving guide during retreats. The creation of the field of safety and immense compassion during the retreats reminds her of the magnificence of life.



Bas Janssen


Energetic & Easy-going


Bas wouldn’t hurt a fly, but could have you flat on your back in the blink of an eye, thanks to his decades of experience with Eastern martial arts. Voyagers enjoy his calm and loving aura. He doesn’t think twice about spontaneously teaching Qi Gong for an hour in advance of an Ayahuasca ceremony, allowing voyagers to experience a deep calmness, and become conscious of how and where their energy flows or stagnates. He carries his knowledge and expertise with him in guiding personal processes. Bas relishes the depth of Vipassana, Taoism and shamanism, and loves a good party. The adventurer in him loves delving into the deepest crevices of his mind. 
Part of the Sacred Voyage tribe for already 13 years (2007).

  Saskia E website 

Saskia van Emmerick

Warm & Devoted


Since 2017 Saskia started participating in Sacred Voyage retreats and it felt like coming home for her. She participated in the Dutch yeartraining and has become a guide since Summer of 2018. She is part of the Dutch mailteam and is first contact for particpants. Saskia is a mother and has 2 beautiful children, has her own practice in coaching, bodywork and massage. She is devoted to her own path of growth and personal development which has accelerated by the medicin plant Ayahuasca and the way of working of the Sacred Voyage. This devotion and experience, together with her big empathy for participants, make her a very loving guide. She is soft, kind, loving and at the same time very clear and has a preference for simplicity. Saskia believes in the power of just be. 









Eunice nieuw web

Eunice Koppers


Involved & Warm


Eunice grew up in a highly religious environment with a sectarian disposition. At 28, she had the courage to break with her restrictive background, losing family and friends alike in the process. This led to a falling away of all things familiar. Coming from this open and new space, she embarked on a rediscovery of herself – free from dogmas, this time around. She dived into life and all its forbidden fruits with great passion, thereby gradually freeing herself from all the judgments, concepts and ideas that had been hammered into her from an early age. Eunice devoured many books, participated in body-awareness and consciousness-raising workshops, lectures, trainings and educational programmes. This knowledge transformed her mind and freed her from the religious interpretations that had been imposed on her. She is currently undergoing training to become a breathing coach. Her many trips and experiences travelling all over the world have enriched her life; among them, an Ayahuasca trip to Peru. She loves nature, music and dancing. Among other places, she has worked in mental healthcare.





Frans Boelen

Grounded & Present


Frans is someone whose calmness and humour will quickly put you at ease. Despite being born in Amsterdam, Frans traded his place of residence in Amsterdam for the nature of the Veluwe in 2012. Voyagers experience Frans as a father figure, a shoulder to cry on and a rock in difficult times. Without wasting words, Frans is warm and present with his big heart. After years of experience with emotional body work, breathing work (in Poona and Venwoude, among other places) and various Ayahuasca voyages, it became time for Frans to guide other people in their processes. He completed the course to become a breathing coach in 2015 and has been guiding Dutch and international Ayahuasca retreats with tremendous passion and pleasure since 2014.