Havelte is situated in the beautiful nature of Drenthe. Meeuwenveen is the location we have hired for many years now and the feedback from participants is that they feel at home as soon as they arrive. The country side and the forest will help you to experience the Voyahuasca ceremonies on an even deeper level. Staying over is in shared double and triple rooms with adjacent bathrooms.

A wonderful place to really be and let go of daily worries, to connect with your natural inner self. 



Meeuwenveen Accommodaties
Meeuwenveenweg 1-3
7971 PK  Havelte

The Netherlands






Havelte, international retreat (with 2 ceremonies)

Some of our international retreats with 2 Voyahuasca ceremonies are facilitated in Havelte. 

International Voyahuasca retreats in Havelte with 2 ceremonies start at Thursday evening with soup and sharing.

On Friday we will be meeting each other on a deeper level with Heartdancing and create a safe setting for the first ceremony. The breathwork on Saturday is a preparation for the second ceremony.

Sunday is an integrational day with sharing and a final Heartdancing. 



Please read also the Frequently Asked Questions. Probably the question that poppes up for you is in the list. If not, then please contact info@thesacredvoyage.com They will refer to the FAQ if your question is in there. 


Language of these retreats is English. 


In the documents below you find the preparations for this retreat:



download below: 







To guarantee the safety of our participants we need to know about their health. 


Please complete the intake form if you register for a Voyahuasca retreat. 



Voyahuasca intake form

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Voyahuasca Agreement  


Please print, read and sign in advance the Voyahuasca agreement and hand it over to one of our facilitators on the first day of the Voyahuasca retreat.





Voyahuasca            Agreement

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MAO inhibitor




Many medication cannot be combined with the MAO-inhibitor in Voyahuasca. Read the MAO-inhibitor carefully so you know what 'MAO-inhibitor' means and when it can be danguerous to have Voyahuasca. 



MAO Inhibitor 

download below: