Venue in provence of Brabant



For our retreats with medicin plants we prefer to facilitate them in a venue that is surrounded by nature. Connecting with our being, with the pureness of life and its magical gifts. This venue provides quieteness, beauty and stillness in a spacious place in The Netherlands on 5 hectares of land. You can walk in a small forest, swim in one of the lakes and just be. 


Only 40 minutes from Eindhoven airport or approximately 2 hours from Amsterdam Schiphol airport by public transport and 1,5 hour drive by car. 







Here you will find all the information you need for a retreat or weekend in Brabant. Information about preparation, what to bring, where to go, accommodation / accommodation, prices, forms.
It is important that you read this information in time for participation in a retreat or weekend in order to prepare as well as possible.
Types of retreats / weekends in Brabant:
- Voyahuasca Magical Child Special (1 ceremony) facilitated by Lars & Tanja Faber
- Healing weekend Voyahuasca NL (1 ceremony)
- Healing retreat Voyahuasca 3 days international (2 ceremonies)
- Possibility for sweat lodge weekends with Voyahuasca (to be planned)
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In the text blocks below you will find, per type, all the information necessary to prepare for the retreat of your choice.


In this Corona/Covid-19 period we adjust the amount of participants to the measures required for by our government. 
If you have questions, please visit our FAQ page first.



Voyahuasca Magical Child SPECIAL 


In 2020 this international Magical Child Voyahuasca retreat is facilitated by co-founder of the Sacred Voyage,  Tanja Faber. In this retreat you can connect with your creativity, playfulness, your magical child. We will do some preparation work with sharing,  Heartdancing and breathwork before you start your ceremony. Program starts on Friday afternoon, ends on Sunday around 13:30. 


Practical information is to be found in the enclosed document (time schedule, preparation documents, what to bring etc). Please read well in time and send back intakeform!

Language is English. 


Experiences from Voyagers: 


As a whole the Magical Child retreat brought me so much, but mainly: physical & emotional catharsis, permanent relief from physical pain (in lower back), improved sleep (after 1-2 years of interrupted sleep), improved mood (less anxiety & depression), more direct access to my feelings (unblocked & freed up), release of anger, renewed apprecition for life, more ability to be productive/efficient at work, feeling of greater looseness/suppleness in my body (less tension) and more happiness.



And life will never be the same.....I am reconnected again with my source and the source that connects us all: LOVE! Such a beauty!






Voyahuasca weekend (one ceremony)


In this Voyahuasca weekend we start on Friday afternoon with arrival and the opening/sharing. In the evening Heartdancing, on Saturday breathwork and ceremony and on Sunday integration. 

A weekend to dive into your inner world for exploration, healing and insights. 


In the document below you'll find the preparation for the weekend with practical information as well about time schedule, venue, forms etc. 


Download here the document:




International healing retreat  - Brabant


Our international Voyahuasca retreats with 2 ceremonies start on Thursday evening with sharing. On Friday we will meet in deeper layers in Heartdancing so we are able to create a safe space together to dive into the first Voyahuasca ceremony. Breathwork will be facilitated before the second ceremony on Saturday. Integration on Sunday with shared breakfast, sharing and final Heartdancing. 


Enclosed the document  with practical information about preparations (time schedule, fasting, what to bring, venue). Address will be provided after payment of the full amount .

Language English



Download here the document:

 Gouden penseelstreek (3) 


Read print and sign in advance the Voyahuasca Agreement and bring it to the retreat on the first day (arrival).  





Voyahuasca Agreement

download here :


Most medication is not allowed to be combined with the MAO inhibitor in Voyahuasca. Read this document well. Know that a lot of substances and food are dangerous in combination with the MAO inhibitor. 




MAO inhibitor information

download here:


Intake form for retreats with medicine plants


To be able to prepare for your guiding we need you to fill in the intake form. Without intake form joining a ceremony is not possible. Please send it back at least two weeks in advance of your retreat. 


Download here